That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs (Christianity)
Episode 10: Looking For Lovely

Annie returns with plans for the future of That Sounds Fun and a sneak peek into the world of launching a new book- where Looking For Lovely came from, how it's doing, and Annie reads the first chapter!



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Episode 9: Emily P. Freeman

Season 2 of the podcast kicks off with Emily P. Freeman and covers the finer points of inviting yourself over, Emily's new book Simply Tuesday, and all the other important things, like float night at the pool.


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Annie chats with author Shauna Niequist about her new book Savor as well as many other important things like the best dessert in Chicago.


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Episode 7: Connor Harrell and Professional Baseball

Annie talks with Detroit Tigers minor league baseball player (and former Downs Books intern) Connor Harrell about life and faith as a professional athlete. And, they make plans for a donut eating contest. Obviously.

Twitter: ConnorHD20


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The second part of Annie's conversation with musician Dave Barnes about music and comedy and how to be funny.


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Musician Dave Barnes sits down with Annie and they discuss the ins and outs of being hilarious. They also discuss Dave's most recent album, Hymns for Her. 


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Annie chats with her friend author and blogger Jessica Turner about how to find fringe hours in any kind of busy life. Also? American Girl dolls.


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Annie sits down with Matt Niehoff (@experiencenash), an expert on all things Nashville, to discuss the best local restaurants for every meal of the day and on any budget.


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Annie and her assistant Sarah talk about the one word they are each picking for 2015 and how to incorporate it into their daily lives for the whole year.


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In Part 2 of Annie's interview with New York Times Best Selling Author Ted Dekker, they discuss writing and process and the power of story. (And Annie apologizes for those volume problems in episode 1.)


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Episode 1: Ted Dekker and AD30

Author and speaker Annie F. Downs kicks off her brand new podcast interviewing New York Times Best Selling Author Ted Dekker about his newest novel AD 30.



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