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You get to cross off the trophy today. :) Also- how spicy is that? And can my 7 year old watch that? 

Don't forgot to grab the #TSFQuarantine BINGO BOARD... scroll all the way down the page and it's there at the bottom. Every box (EXCEPT ONE) needs to be marked off to win and you can only cross off things you hear THIS WEEK (April 20-24) on the show! 

You still have the chance to be a winner, even if you start today. You'll have to go back and listen to the whole week, but you'll be able to turn in your board tomorrow if you want!

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It is never a normal day with Jo Saxton comes on the show. She is full of wisdom, makes me laugh, and never says anything but the absolute truth and I love friends like that. Her voice in my life is incredibly important and I bet you feel the same. Her new book Ready to Rise is such an great read- I think you'll love it anytime, but particularly in this days where we are home THE MOST. :) Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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Just a reminder, we're playing a fun game of #TSFQuarantine Bingo this week- so make sure you grab the board from!

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