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If something happens twice, can we call it a tradition? :) Because I love the idea of Charles Martin always being our last conversation before Holy Week and Easter. It happened in April 2019 and again today. With tons of compassion and wisdom and kindness, Charles talks to us through this unknown pandemic season with the hope of the One who knows it all.

His new novel The Water Keeper releases next month, and I would HIGHLY encourage you to grab a copy of What If It's True? to read through between Palm Sunday and Easter.

Speaking of next week- we won't have normal Monday or Thursday shows, and there won't be any #TSFQuarantine shows, but each day, starting Sunday, April 5 (Palm Sunday) to Sunday, April 12 (Easter), I'll be reading the story from that day in the Gospels. Something is recorded in Scripture every day from of that globe-shaking week, and we'll hear it straight from the Bible.

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