That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

LOTS of breakfast talk (with two adorable visitors) and some heroes and a last resort offer for Tim and his fiancé.




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Gracious I adore Ellie Holcomb, and getting to chat with her in these uncertain and sometimes scary days is such a gift. She's homeschooling her kids, like many of y'all, and trying to balance all the things. Ellie gives so much hope today for all of us, no matter what our shelter-in-place situation is like. (And a few fun pop-ins from her kids!) 

Ellie's new children's book Don't Forget To Remember is a favorite of our #miniBFFBookClub and is perfect to read to your children right now. 

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(We're still rolling with the #TSFQuarantine podcasts every morning until Friday with Eddie Kaufholz! Check those out for a few laughs and a little hope!) 

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