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There are so many things I love about hosting this show, but one of my favorites is getting to introduce you to some of the best music. And today Drew Holcomb is with us, talking all about his new album Dragons (that I've listened to about three times a day since it came out), his favorite fan story, the loss of his brother and why he hasn't talked about it until now, and about fifty other topics. 

Also, I'm so grateful to Drew for letting us use music from Dragons for the show this fall! Make sure you grab a copy of the whole album- I think you'll love it. I SERIOUSLY CANNOT QUIT IT.

(Also Drew is the dearest and best friend for recording this show with me TWICE since I messed up when we were behind the microphones the first time. And for real, trust us, this conversation is better than the first one we did. So everyone wins!) 

. . . . .

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