That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

Sherri Lynn and I met a few months ago at an event and I liked her a TON immediately and I wanted y'all to meet her! So she flew to Nashville and we sat in my office and chatted for a good long time and this conversation is super special.

AND. Your friend Annie majorly screwed up in the recording. (UGH YOU GUYS. I AM SO SORRY.) So Producer Chad worked incredibly hard to make this one sound good enough for y'all to hear- and he did a magical job. Sherri and I both listened to the quality of this and while it isn't the best (again, 100% my fault), it is too good a conversation to not share it.

Good thing she is a comedienne and can laugh off dealing with my mistakes. Make sure you grab a copy of her book I Want To Punch You In The Face But I Love Jesus. :) It's legit funny.

. . . . .

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