That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

Epic may be the right word for this particular episode- in length as well as in content. :) Y'all know I love a Hallmark Christmas movie and talking about the 2018 offerings was bound to happen.

This show comes to you in four parts.

Part 1. My gals Jami and Jenn are back to tell you their thoughts on the new movies for 2018.

Part 2. Candace Cameron Bure joins us to talk about her new movie A Shoe Addict's Christmas, getting out of the Christian bubble, and the enneagram (and I PROMISE she brought it up not me!). 

Part 3. My buddy Drew tells us his thoughts on the ONE Hallmark Christmas movie he's watched from start to finish, Let It Snow.

Part 4. Jami and Jenn are back to complete a Hallmark Christmas mad-lib. :) 

It's a doozie, but that's what Christmas parties so fun- sometimes you get into the party and you planned to leave after an hour but you're having such a good time you're still there an hour and a half later! hahahaha! I love this episode. Hope you will too.

. . . . .

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