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This is that thing that happens at a Christmas Party where you and a dear friend pull to the side, maybe punch cups in hand, and GO DEEP. You talk about the real stuff, even while the hubbub keeps going around you. Banning Liebscher, founding pastor of Jesus Culture, is just that convo. I was moved to tears multiple times recording this one. Take notes. Tear up. Whatever you need. His book Rooted is absolutely one of my favorites- grab a few to gift this year!

If Christmas ever feels hard for you, or if you just need a reminder of who Jesus really is, phew. This is the one. Stick around for the prayer at the end- it's a doozie.

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Want to give an autographed copy of 100 Days to Brave as a Christmas gift? Head to your local Barnes and Noble to get one of the thousands of hand-signed copies from yours truly!

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