That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

You know the best way to end a Christmas party is standing around laughing with your favorite people, and that is why we have Eddie Kaufholz back with us today. With Christmas just around the corner, I definitely needed to get Eddie's opinion on some very important holiday topics. But obviously, we ended up talking about 73 other things as well.

Hope you enjoy the end of the party and we'll see you in 2017!

(Thank you for listening, friends. I love hanging with you here. <3)


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She's been singing to my heart (and my ears) for almost twenty years, so I have a lot (read: ALL) of Christy Nockels's music. But her new Christmas album, A Thrill of Hope, is on repeat over at the Downs Books Inc office these days.

The Christmas party continues with a good long chat with Christy about music and Franklin, TN and raising children and finding a church and Christmas and how I embarrassed us all the first time I met her. 

This party is full of the very best people, isn't it?


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Ann Voskamp joins us for the third week of our #thatsoundsfunpodcast Christmas party! With lots of wisdom and wit and patience (with me, mostly), Ann will be a breath of fresh air and a calming conversation amidst the crazy of this holiday season. Her new book The Broken Way is a great addition to any woman's stocking.

Ann is so smart and funny and great to be around, making this officially the best Christmas party I've ever attended! :)


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Amanda Bible Williams and Raechel Myers from SheReadsTruth join us for our second week of our That Sounds Fun Christmas party and we talk all about what Advent is, what it looks like in our families and lives, and how it can change us to really celebrate the season, not just December 25th.

Pretty much, we go to church in this episode. It brought tears to my eyes when we recorded and when I listened again. 

So welcome to the longest Christmas party you've ever attended! :) The episode with Landyn was for your home, this one is for your heart.


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