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I love having Amanda Bible Williams and Raechel Myers on the podcast- especially when we get to celebrate couples (co-workers definitely count!) and with the season of Lent approaching, we have A LOT to discuss. I just love love love having Amanda and Raechel on the show. I think this is our best one yet.

(And just to note, towards the beginning of this one, we talk about the loss of a child and how to parent the other children when there is a tragedy or loss. Was reminded by a listener friend that some of y'all may want a heads up about that. <3 )

As always these sweet friends showed up with an excellent discount code for you- FUN20 will get you 20% off of everything (except subscription boxes) at! Grab your Lent studies and She and He Bibles and prep for those Easter baskets and graduations!

And don't forget we've got a few more questions, specifically about EASTER BASKETS!, with the SheReadsTruth gals over on the AFD YouTube page! Check it out!

. . . . .

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