That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

I know this is one of your favorite "couples" that come on our show- MINE TOO! This episode is perfect combination of a friendship we want to get to know AND the start of Lent season leading towards Easter!

The SheReadsTruth girls and I talk all about healthy friendship with women, but we also talk about the next reading plans- four weeks of Job and four weeks of the Easter story (then Revelation eek).

Remember to use the code "thatsoundsfun" to get 15% off your Job and Easter studies- Hes, Shes, and Kids! (Because of the limited run on the linen cover, that one isn't included in the 15% off, but hurry and get one before they sell out!)

Thankful for a chance to hear the heart behind these studies, to hear an update on Amanda's son Toby, and just to get to know Amanda and Raechel better. 

Hope y'all will join us in these studies! 

. . . . .

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