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TSF Couples Month REALLY kicks off today with these two adorable and amazing humans- newlyweds Jessica Mack and Dre Plackis. Jess and I have known each other for a while here in Nashville, she's a gifted singer/songwriter and one of the cast members of CMT's Music City, a reality show based here in town.

Dre and Jess met between the two seasons of Music City (you're gonna hear the whole story and IT IS AWESOME) and their wedding was featured in the last two episodes of Season 2 of Music City!

I hadn't heard the story first-hand of how they met and fell and love and Y'ALL just hearing how God orchestrated every step is so so cool and encouraging for all of us... singles, moms, friends. All the ways you are waiting, I think this episode will remind you that GOD IS AT WORK.

Pretty fun, huh? 

. . . . .

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