That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

My friend Nicolle Galyon throws incredible parties. Never stressful, never stuffy, always welcoming and incredibly fun. So when we planned our Hallmark Movie watching party for Saturday night (remember we're all watching Jingle Around The Clock on 12/22 at 8pm/7pmCT), I knew I wanted Nicolle to come and teach me how to throw a party like she does!

Also. I should mention. She is a Grammy-nominated, award-winning songwriter with five number one hits. CASUAL, NICOLLE. (Here is the playlist of the songs she's written.) And she's a wife. And a great friend. And a strong business woman. And a mama. 

You are about to fall in love with your new pal Nicolle. And throw the best girl party of your life on Saturday. :) 

. . . . .

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