That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

It is with SO MUCH JOY that I put this conversation in your ears and put this organization in the front of your mind. What an honor for us to get to partner with Christian Appalachian Project to bring picture books to kids in three counties of Kentucky! 

Listen in as Mike from Camp AJ and I chat about all things CAP, the importance of reading, and what it is like to love your neighbor well.

Our goal this month is to raise $13,000 to provide Imagination Library for all 100 preschoolers in CAP's program in Rockcastle, Jackson, and McCreary counties for FIVE YEARS.

If we each give ONE DOLLAR (for real), it's goal met and doubled. ONE DOLLAR today from each of us gives books to a lot of kids for FIVE YEARS. Wanna get in on this with us??? $1, $5, $100, or drop the whole $13K! :)

(And we've got some super fun plans once we surpass the $13,000.... we'll keep you updated about that...)

Let's gooooooo! This is gonna be SO FUN.


(FYI if you want some background... here's my first conversation on The New Activist with CAP's president Guy Adams.) 

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