That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

It's my birthday week so this podcast is just some of my favorite things! :) 

First up, Dave Barnes and Aaron Chewning are back to talk us through the final 8 teams of the World Cup and who is gonna win this whole thing.

Then, my friends and co-workers Maggie and Eliza bring some of the questions that you guys asked during the TSF Survey we put out in May. Friendship, God, singleness, church, Starbucks order. We only covered about 10 of the 3000 questions, but we got a good start. :) 

Happy 4th of July week and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME week and Happy Summer, friends! 

Join us August 2nd!! -->

#thatsoundsfunpodcast ... join in the conversation wherever hashtags are welcome. :) 

Thanks to our friends at Samaritan Ministries for sponsoring this episode!

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