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In February, when the Love Better Tour swung through Houston, we had the absolute honor of visiting Johnson Space Center, home of NASA. And that is where I met Stacey Morgan, wife of astronaut Dr. Drew Morgan

And right now, Thursday April 16, as you are listening, Drew is headed back to Earth from the International Space Station, for the first time in almost 10 months. That also means that Stacey has been a single mom for 10 months in a different kind of deployment scenario (though they've done military deployment too). 

Stacey and I became super fast friends and I knew I wanted you to hear their story, especially on this really special day. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this episode! And make sure you check in to watch Drew's landing the morning of April 17th!

(Stacey and I also did a fun quick video about how she has prepared Drew to return to the Earth culturally- like sharing Tiger King with him LOL- over on YouTube. Check it out-

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