That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

You guys. I got SUPER into Food Network's Spring Baking Championship a few months ago. Like SUPER into it. I watched every episode, DVRed it when I was on the road, cared DEEPLY about the winner, and then proceeded to tweet the winner and beg him to be on my podcast.

Meet Chef Cory Barrett. :) ... the chef your friend Annie stalked to be on her podcast and also (more importantly) the WINNER of Food Network's 2019 Spring Baking Championship! If you've wondered about the behind the scenes of these shows, how Cory got on it in the first place, where they film (you won't believe it), when they film (also surprising), and lots and lots of other great stories about baking and life- today's show is for you. 

Y'all are gonna absolutely love this guy! Congrats again on the win, Chef Cory!

. . . .

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