That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

Andrew Ripp and I have been friends for years here in Nashville. He's an incredibly gifted musician and one of the most fun and relaxing dudes to be around. Last week we grabbed coffee and halfway though I told him he had to stop talking and we had to capture this conversation for you guys.

If you have struggled with infertility, as the wife OR the husband, or if you are just waiting for God to do the thing you REALLY want Him to do, this one is for you. I was thinking of you when Andrew was talking to me.

His new music is insane- you're going to love it. And here's the video for God Knows that we talked about in the conversation. 

Share this one with friends you know are waiting, too.

. . . . .

Remember God releases tomorrow! EEK. Pray? Grab a few for you and your friends? Believe with me that God is going to do more than we could ask or imagine in the hearts of every reader. Grateful for y'all.

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